Behavioral & Skills Assessment Strategies

We have a wide range of web-based tests, assessments and development resources administered and reviewed by our testing partner- Pinpoint Profiles, Inc. These tools will help you understand your own strengths and areas needing improvement, evaluate current and future employees & understand communication preferences and issues at work in your organization. The appropriate tests will be determined at the beginning of our coaching relationship.

Vision, Mission, Culture & Goal Setting

A business cannot grow without the owner’s clearly defined Vision, Mission & Goals. Employees must be able to understand, describe & work toward these objectives. Employees need to believe in the culture that you have established. We will help you define your goals and develop employee buy-in.


According to business keynote speaker, Mike Scott, the definition of accountability is “doing what you said you would do, as you said you would do it, when you said you would do it—Period!” Learning how to hold yourself, your employees and your suppliers accountable will be one of the core focuses of our program. In our experience, the absence of a strong accountability model has been a downfall of many companies.

Competitive Advantages & Value Proposition

If you are competing on price alone, you are in a race to the bottom! According to Jaynie L. Smith, the author of Creating Competitive Advantage, “the biggest marketing flaw in most companies is their failure to fully reap the benefits of their competitive advantages.” Smith further states in her highly regarded book: “In my research with middle-market companies, I found only two CEOs out of 1000 who could clearly name their companies’ competitive advantages.” We will help you identify and communicate your competitive advantages so that you can provide value instead of lowest price.

Sales, Marketing & Branding

Technological innovation has changed the way we brand, market & sell our goods and services. Print media is increasingly obsolete, being replaced by Internet Marketing and social media. In addition, the world is truly flat. You are competing in the Global Marketplace. Many entrepreneurs are trying to take your market share from you. At the same time, the entire world market is now available to YOU! Are you maximizing the amazing new ways to market & sell your brand? Let’s find out.

Team Building

In Jim Collins best selling book Good to Great, among the author’s Seven Characteristics of companies that went from Good to Great, the author suggests that great companies get the right people on the bus and make sure that they are in the right seats. Are your employees imbued with your culture? Do you have hiring practices that have produced good results for you? Good workers? Good leaders?

Process Review

Developing repeatable processes & operations, as if you were going to build multiple unit franchises, is the key to delivering consistent and excellent products and services. Analyzing your processes and procedures will help you become more efficient and more effective.

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