To maximize you’re potential through learning, sharing and caring.


To develop well-balanced leaders in business and at home.

Barry Dickler works with CEOs, company presidents, business owners and their key executives to help them achieve their goals. A long & successful career as a business owner, corporate executive and trained business coach provides the    skills needed to help others grow and prosper. More than 4000 hours of coaching executives from over 50 companies ranging in size from $500,000 (annual revenues) to $1.5 billion.



  • Identify and evaluate an executive’s strengths and areas that need improvement. In addition to hearing your self-assessment, we use state of the art Skills & Behavioral Profiles to help determine a custom-made coaching program that will help you achieve your goals.
  • Help you grow your business
  • Help you achieve your short term (tactical) and long term (strategic) goals
  • Help you develop and mentor your Key Executives
  • Show you how to hold yourself and others ACCOUNTABLE.
  • Work better with people in and outside your company
  • Develop an Exit strategy (without this, you simply have a good job!)
  • Provide extensive network of experts in all fields.
  • One-on-One meetings: direct (in person) or Virtual (Skype). Most meetings are 1-½ hours, twice per month.

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